Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paris, Versailles

In Paris there is a museum called Musee des arts decoratifs. Last Wednesday we went there instead of playing soccer because my grandparents are here. There was a playmobil exhibit that we went to because Arvid likes playmobil alot. We also went to some other exhibits that were mostly old and new decorative art. There was one with different weird chairs. Then we went to lunch. There was a metro station really close but there was a place that looked interesting there called Palais-Royal so we went through it and walked far to one of the coolest metro stations, Louvre-Rivoli and took the metro to the closest station to the violin lesson and when that was done,we went home.

On Saturday we took two RER lines, first B and then C to Versailles to go to the Palace of Versailles, the world's largest castle I think, larger then the Louvre museum in Paris. The RER C has two floors but they are older, but I still like them. RER C it is a really complicated line. I will try to show a picture of a map of it some time.

At Versailles the king's room was built in a position for the king to see the sunset wen he would go to bed.
Not a single part of the king's room was not decorated. The ballroom is famous for it's mirrors. It is known as the mirror room. The couryard and garden was enormous!


Imogen said...

Did you know that the fountains in the gardens at Versailles were placed at the correct interval to allow the royal ladies to consume a water ice (sorbet) as they passed from one fountain to the next!

Joanna said...

I remember going to Versailles when I was eighteen, and thinking how exhausting it would be to live there. So much extravagant decoration, never a place that was simple and serene. It helps you understand why Marie Antoinette wanted her pretend little cottage farm, away from everything.

Thanks for blogging, Lukas! It's always fun to hear about what you are doing. We miss you!