Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First afternoon at school

This post is about my first afternoon at school in France.

I could finally go to school today. After we dropped off Arvid at his school, we went to the Mairie and got the paperwork. At the lunch break I went into the principal's office and waited until the principal came.
When she came, she showed me my classroom. I met the teacher I would have today. The teacher could speak English, which was a great help. Specials are different in my school. You get different homeroom teachers on different days.When the kids came in I was told that the class had 28 other kids, which is a lot larger than my class at Summers-Knoll. The first special was French grammar. It was interesting and I learned new things. After grammar it was recess. At recess I played Zombie with the other boys.Then we had Grammar again. After Grammar we went to our parents. In the evening I had swim team again. It was a bit more crowded because another swim team was there.


Imogen said...

Formidable de lire toutes tes nouvelles. Bonne chance et bon courage!

Erin said...

What is Zombie?


Erin said...
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Anita Adhikary said...

Lukas you are doing such a fantastic job with your blog. we miss you here, especially when we have " buddy time". Please tell Arvid that we really miss him for math. Some of the places that you mention brings back nostalgic memories for me. France is such a beautiful country. Looking forward in reading more posts from you. Please, give my greetings to your parents.

Mrs. Adhikary