Sunday, January 10, 2010

Le Weekend

On Saturday, nothing special happened. After lunch, we went outside to build a snowman. It was not very successful. We went to the local library, checked out a Harry Potter book, went to buy some candy, and went home.

On Sunday, we went to Paris again. The first thing we did was we went ice skating at Hotel de Ville with Zeb and Marion. After that we went to a restaurant for lunch. Then we planned to climb up the Notre Dame clocktower, but it was closed due to ice. So we went inside the cathedral. It was huge. Then at a RER station we went into a photo booth to get pictures for school and my swim team, and took the RER home. The station with the photo booth, Saint-Michel Notre Dame was big. We got on a lot of escalators to get down to the platform.


ulle_j said...

Hej Lukas! Jag följer din blogg nu, jättekul att läsa vad du har för dig i Paris! Puss o kram Ulle

the Blanders said...

Hi Lukas! We're sorry your snowman didn't work out. We have waaaay too much snow here right now and more is coming. Lea's dad and I had photos taken at a photobooth in a metro station when we were in Paris. They are some of our most favorite pictures.

Imogen said...

Salut, Lukas!
Next time you are in Paris, go to La Villette and visit Cite des sciences at de l''s amazing!