Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday and the week end

There is just one thing from Friday that you might find interesting.
The English teacher sometimes says to the class in English class when they are annoying and loud "Shut up!" I told her "Shut up is not a very nice word." She said "I know but they deserve it!" Ha!

On Saturday I asked another girl who is 8 if she could come to my house. Her dad was not there so her sister would stay and she would come. We played a short game of UNO and went outside. Outside we made a miniature Waterworld.

On Sunday in the afternoon just me and my dad went to Paris. We did a lot of metro transportation and this is how it went: first we took the RER B to Paris Gare du Nord, then metro line 2 to Pre-Saint Gervais, line 3 to Gambetta, line 3bis (the shortest line with just 4 stations) to Porte des Lilas, line 11 to Place de Fetes, line 7bis to Jaures and finally line 5 to Oberkampf. Then we walked to le Marais where they have a lot of Middle Eastern food (there was a long line to get your lunch everywhere). We had a falafel. Then we went to a chocolate store and got a small box of chocolates. After that, we went to a fancy tea shop and we planned to have something small to eat but the line was too long. Instead we bought some tea for my mom and had a hot chocolate at the chocolate shop. Then we went home.

I brought my DSi and took some pictures:

This picture is of me and my favorite advertisement.

This is me reading a map with a metro in the background.

This is the long falafel line on rue des Rosiers in le Marais. 

This is the chocolate fountain at the chocolate shop.



Susan said...

Great pictures, Lukas! I can't wait to show your friends tomorrow.

Everyone sends their love, and misses you. Give our love to Arvid and your mom and dad, too.

the Blanders said...

I love chocolate! ("Shut up" is not a very nice word.)

Karen Lucas-Lerner said...

I love seeing the pictures of you on the metro. You are such a great navigator and traveler. Remember you trying to tell me how to get around Stockholm? That was sure a fun day. I miss you and all the good laughs we've had.