Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow in France and first full day in French school

When I woke up, there was lots of snow on the ground. The radio said that all school buses in Essone, a part of the greater Ile-de-France region, were cancelled. We thought that there was no school, but we went there anyway. But there was school. At every recess we had snowball fights. The first subject was  math.
It was easy because we were doing multiplication. Next was science. It was better. It was about the human body. One hard thing we did was that we had to write what stood on the blackboard. The reason why it was hard was because it was written in fancy French cursive. I got two things wrong. I bet everyone else got it right because in French schools they learn cursive already in kindergarten. Their cursive looks professional.

Petra---French junk food is pretty similar to American, Swedish school really is a school for Swedish children, but I go there on Wednesdays for people that can speak Swedish and don't go there regularly.
In French school there is no school on Wednesdays.

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Imogen said...

Lovely to hear from you again, Lukas. We have lots of snow here in Michigan today and Gabriel and Brigitte, friends of ours in Normandy, have just sent us a photograph of our house there on Christmas day absolutely covered in snow. My parents in England have also been surprised by an unaccustomed fall of heavy snow which has brought chaos to the roads and railways!
Veuillez transmettre mes meilleurs souvenirs a tes parents et a Arvid.