Saturday, January 23, 2010

Computer Crash

Sorry, I haven't been able to post for some time because our computer broke.
I am typing this on someone elses computer we borrowed from someone else because we ordered one to come here and it has not come yet.

So on Wednesday it was raining so we did not play soccer.
Instead we went into the museum Centre Georges Pompidou a.k.a Beaubourg. Beaubourg literally means "Beautifulbourg". It is called that because you know how adults joke and say that something is really good and they mean the opposite? Same reason. The coolest part of it is that there are these tunnels on the outside with escalators to get from floor to floor.
I will try to show a picture of it some time.

At French school they get grades and the next field trip I think is in April or May to a castle known for cavemen.

Today we headed for Paris at 11:00. The part we were in had almost only Japanese things.  We had lunch and looked in some shops.
Then we went to Forum des halles and went into a big store to buy a DVD player and a better antenna for the TV we got.

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the Blanders said...

I am really amazed to see the tube
that has the escalator in it! I saw a picture of it on the computer.