Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today we went to Paris again because there is no school on Wednesdays.
One funny thing about the RER trains is that they have 4 letter names.
Some are called PEPE and once I saw one called IDOL.
The names have something to to with were they stop so they mean something and are not unique.
We just for fun took the RER A in Paris because it has 2 floors.
So we went to Swedish school to meet some Swedish people and took the bus to a Park to play soccer. But the park was closed.
It didn't matter. If the Park was open my dad said we would get too muddy.
It is easier for the Swedish kids because they live in Paris, so if they get muddy they could just go home.
But we have to take a 40 minute train ride to get home.
Then we took the metro to meet my violin teacher David's friend Kyle and practice.
After that we had dinner and went home.


the Blanders said...

Hi Lukas
Does France have school only 4 days every week?
Your friend

astridb said...

Dear Lukas,
It is so nice to read about your adventures in France. I like your descriptions of the trips you take to Paris, the trains, the restaurants and shops. I am glad you are having a good time.
We had good new snow last week, and then sunshine, great for going skiing. I thought about how much fun we had skiing in Presque Isle last year at about this time. Much love to you and Arvid, your mom and dad. Astrid.