Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday and Amsterdam

My 9th birthday was on June 5th. I obviously had fun. We went to Centre Commercial de les Ulis 2,
a nearby mall, to get me some clothes. I had some friends over for cake and sweets, and we were mostly outside, working on our fort. After the party, i practiced on my new heeleys.

The next day, we went to a Japanese restaurant with Eve for dinner. The food was good. 

On June 11th, we took a very nice and fast train called THALYS to Amsterdam.
My Dad left on the day before. The train stopped in Brussels, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. Amsterdam has many canals, and we took the "CanalBus", a sightseeing boat on the canals many times. We also went to the van Gogh museum. Fortunately, they had audio guides for children. I think Amsterdam is a nice city, but Dutch is a weird language.             

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parcs Disneyland!

Yesterday, we went to Disneyland Paris.
This Disneyland has 2 parks: Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios. We went to the park called "Disneyland".  I was really looking forward to riding Space Mountain, but it was closed for some reason.
 But I went to something at least as good as space mountain; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.
It was truly my all time favorite. I also liked Big Thunder Mountain. The best part is when it goes in an underwater tunnel, because you can't see where you're going!
Those were my two favorites.

Star Tours was based on Star Wars (pretty obvious). It was a half roller coaster because:
1. It had monitors to make it look like you were in space.
2. It was in a fake spaceship.
3. It was in a small room and shook itself so it would feel like you were moving.
The reason why it wasn't my favorite was because everything was fake.