Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday in Paris

This post is about my third day in Paris.

We did not bring an alarm clock here. When I woke up, I found a watch. But it was my mom's watch, which has no numbers on it. I saw what the time was, and I added 6 hours to the time. The sum was 6:30 AM. Just after that, my dad asked what the time was. I said 6:30 AM. He looked at his watch. No, the time is 10:30 AM! Our plans changed. We had planned to get to Paris after our normal breakfast time, but since we woke up so late, we had brunch instead.  When we had eaten, we took the RER B to a place in Paris called Denfert-Rochreau. We transfered to the Metro, line six. We took the metro to a station close to the Eiffel Tower called Passy and met Eve, one of my dad's French friends, and went to her apartment. There we had a special cake called Galette des Rois. Arvid was asked to sit under the table and say the order of the people getting the slices of the cake. There was something hidden in the cake that the one who got it would keep it and would be called the king or queen of the day. Arvid got it. It was a figure of Donkey Kong. He also got to wear a crown. When we left Eve, we walked to see where the American Library was and then we walked to a restaurant on Champs-Elysses where we had dinner. I had moules et frites. The avenue was beautiful with lots of lights. From there, we walked to the nearest Metro station, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and took Line 1 to the worlds largest underground transportation terminal, Chatelet-Les Halles, where we took the RER home.  We have to wake up early tomorrow, because that is our first day of school!


Susan said...

Hi Lukas! It sounds like you are having a wonderful and busy time so far in France! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures. I will read your posts to your friends the first thing in the mornings, so keep writing!

We will be able to learn a lot about your life while you are away from us. It will be so interesting!

I wonder why you did not have school today?

Mrs. Carpenter

Joanna said...

Lukas, j'adore les moules et frites! Thank you for blogging! It is so much fun to read what you have written. Tak!