Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of school - or not

This post is about my (expected) first day of  school in France and the swim team in the nearest city Orsay.

I woke up early, had breakfast and headed to school. There was no problem at Arvid's school. They let him in. But at my school, the principal was standing by the gates, waiting for the kids to say "Bonne annee". I waited  because my dad was talking to the principal about me attending the school. She would not let me in because some paperwork from La Mairie (The french word for the city hall) was missing. So we went to the Mairie, but it was closed. Then we went to IHES (Institutes Hautes Etudes Scientifiques) where my dad works (This is the reason why we are here). You also needed some paperwork from where your parent(s) work. But the person who was in charge of that stuff was on vacation. We left dad at work and went to the library, which was closed, then to the boulangerie, which was also closed. Finally we got milk and bread in a small grocery store.

Later in the evening, we walked rapidly to my new swim team in Orsay. I was actually in the older group, everybody was older than nine! I did not understand a bit, but a boy heard that one of the languages I spoke was English, so he helped me understand. His mom was French and his dad was English. So swim team was pretty good.  



the Blanders said...

We hope tomorrow goes better for school, and we know you'll be great on the swim team. How nice that you found a teammate who knows English!

Johanna said...

Swim team was fun, and I hope I can at least go to school in the afternoon.

Susan said...

I just read your first adventures to your 2/3 buddies, Lukas! They were all very interested, and hope you are doing well. They also want you to have a wonderful first day of school - can't wait to hear about it!

Mama said...

You've really had a busy time so far! Do you like school? I hope you've had a good time.

It's a good thing some people speak English there. Next time we see each other can you teach me some French?

Love, Elsa