Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changements des plans

Today we had planned to meet Eve but she had called to say that her sister (who actually lives in Brussels) had gotten extremely sick so she had to help her get to the hospital so it was not a good idea to meet her just today. Instead we looked at Cite des sciences & de l'industrie but you had to buy tickets two days in advance. (The reason is that in France everybody has Mid-winter-break from school now).
So instead at 2 o'clock we took the RER B to the terminus Saint Remy-les-Chevreuse and walked a looooooooooooong way to Chateau de la Madeleine in Chevreuse, another town. I have about a million pictures to show and here are some of them:

This is one of the bridges that leads to a house where somebody lives. I like how this one is sort of old-fashioned looking.

I took this picture to show you that the apartments in Chevreuse are sort of modern looking.

But the churches are old.

This is one of those first bike designs. One wheel is extremely high and one is extremely low.

This is an old poem at the entrance of the castle. This is the translation:
How I enjoy myself in these mountains,
Which, rising up to the Heavens,
With a graceful diadem,
Crown this beautiful landscape.

This may not look like much, but this is a well about 30 meters deep. It was used when there was a war and the people were stuck inside the castle. They made this well to get water to drink.
It must of been very hard to make the well in the 11th century because they did not have bulldozers then.

This is a tower where you could go in. Can you see the staircase they used?

This is the interior of a typical RER B train.

This is the outside of a typical RER B train.

Here is the Chevreuse valley viewed from the highest point of the castle. 


Susan said...

Lukas, are you the one taking these photos? Because they're really, really good. You have a wonderful eye.

We are on mid-winter break too. It feels good to just relax a little.

Miss you.

Johanna said...

Yes, it is me taking the photos.
They're tooken on my DSi.
I posted this comment on it too.
I will be skiing in Avoriaz very soon.
Our break is for 2 weeks.


p.s Thank you for saying I have a good eye.

Lottaochkusinerna said...

Vilken fin blogg du har Lukas! Jag läser så ofta jag kan. Vad häftiga saker du får se och vara med om i Frankrike. Längtar efter dig. Ses snart! Kram moster