Saturday, February 20, 2010

To market

Today we went to the market to get some food. At the end of this post you can see some craaaaaaazy pictures. My dad is keeping a list of the French A.O.C (Appelation d'Origine Controle) cheeses we have consumed.

France is home to the best bread in the universe. Sometimes in the morning, I walk by myself to the bakery and get some bread. It improves my French.

Sometimes in school, the French kids ask me a question that I don't understand. They end with "Oui ou Non" and that is like all I understand. I can't answer because the first part would be too hard to understand. Then they try with"Yes or no" which doesn't help a bit. They probably think it really whatsoever helps me but I just end it with "Maybe."

This is a picture of a dead fish I named "Eyeball". Eyeball looks weird and I never want to buy him.

This is a real Brie de Meaux cheese. There is also a Brie de Melun that has a stronger taste. Can you see some of the whole Brie de Meaux cheeses?

Next to the Brie de Meaux there are some Brie de Melun cheeses. Can you see how Brie de Melun is a little smaller?

This Cheese is called Valencay. I like the look of it because it looks like a green pyramid. There is also a white pyramid cheese that is called Pouligny St. Pierre.

This cheese is called Morbier. I took a picture of it because I want you to see the green line on the cheese.

I took a picture of this cheese because I want you to see the name. Tete de Moine literally means "Friar's head". Yuck!


You can see that I took this picture on the DSi because of the frame. This is actually horse meat.


In this picture there is something disgusting. Pig snout and pig feet. Can you spot both?

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Those pictures look really disgusting!