Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paris with Percy Jackson

On Sunday we went to Paris and we planned to go Ice Skating at Hotel De Ville but it was closed because it was Chinese New year. I knew it was Chinese New year, but I did not know that they would celebrate it there. Instead we walked to Le Marais and had lunch there. Then we went to Forum- Des-Halles and got tickets for the new Percy Jackson Movie. We had just missed one. The next one was in about two hours. We took a break at a Starbucks and then we went outside.We went to the second floor which is a part outside. It was not very nice there because homeless people tried to live there and the building smelled like urine. There was a tunnel that took you back down which smelled like urine and there was even probably human poop there. I feel sorry for all the homeless people.

The movie was different from the book, because in the 1st book Percy is 12 and in the movie they changed him to 17. But in the fifth movie he can't be 22, he would be an adult! I enjoyed the movie. It was in English with French subtitles. I tried to ignore the subtitles. Right now I am reading the second Percy Jackson book on my mom's Kindle.


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