Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandparents, Paris and Madrid

Sorry for not writing for a long time. My grandparents (dad's side) were in Paris. They stayed at a hotel in Paris but on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we met. On Friday we had a big dinner with a cheese table with French cheeses from the market and ice cream for dessert. On Saturday they came here and we went to a book festival fundraiser for my school. My parents had a talk with one of my teachers (Mme. Venant). She doesn't speak very good English and the English speaking teacher was sick.
Then we went to the market. We didn't buy very much but we were mostly there to show my grandparents the market.
On Sunday we went to Paris. In the morning we went to Palais de la Découverte. We had lunch at a crepe place. In the evening, we watched the new movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was a very funny movie but with a few adult jokes.

On Wednesday we went to Paris again but with Janet, a person who lived in Ann Arbor in my old house upstairs. We went to Jardin des Plantes to look at the zoo there. I felt a little sorry for the animals because they didn't have much room. You know, the Detroit zoo which actually isn't very big you have to walk a long way because the animals have huge landscapes.
For lunch we went to a north African restaurant which we have been to before.
The desserts were baklava (I think one is plenty because they're really oily).
We also went to Madrid for 4 days. I had a good time there.
We went to the famous Prado museum. We tried Paella.
I have some pictures if you want to see more:

 One day we went to a place with good ham. (The Spanish have good ham).
At one street they almost only had stores with old coins and stamps.
There was a place with good ice-cream and I made this picture with my DSi's Distortion lens.

There were a lot of living statues and other things like them. Look what happens when Arvid puts a coin in the bucket.

You can take a picture!  
One moving statue was a perfect disguise.

One was weirder.

Check this out! Part of the building is graffiti and one part is real!


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Susan said...

The photos are great, Lukas! I especially like the building that is part real and part graffiti. That is amazing!

Thanks for the postcard. Everyone loved it, and admired the new fancy way you have of writing! I have it proudly displayed on a wall in the classroom in case people want to read it again.

We all miss you so much.
Mrs. C.