Sunday, March 7, 2010


I just got back from Avoriaz. (So sad)! I had a wonderful time. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we went to real slopes with chairlifts and everything with my ski school, so we needed poles and lift passes unlike the previous days when we were in a smaller area. It was like a winter wonderland in the mountains.
One evening we went to a restaurant for dinner to try fondue because it originally comes from this area. The fondue was good, and I saw some people getting a interesting looking (probably the original design) of a raclette. A big piece of cheese was hanging on a metal holding thing. Instead of melted cheese you melt the cheese itself and dip the melted cheese on meat. They saw that I was interested and let me try some. It was okay, but sort of bitter. I was happy I could try it.

We stayed at a hotel for a night when we were on are way to Avoriaz. At the restaurant my dad had snails. He let me try one. I did not like it at all. Too much garlic!



mormor said...

Hej Lukas!
Det låter som om ni haft en härlig vecka i Avoriaz. Kul att du testat
sniglar. Jag är inte heller någon
fan av sniglar.

Joanna said...

I remember eating snails in Paris when I was eighteen years old. I actually loved the garlic - it was the best bit for me. The snails, on the other hand, seemed just like little bits of chewy rubber. I thought they were kind of icky.