Saturday, April 10, 2010

My cousins

My oldest cousins are here (Dad's side). Jonas is 16 and Sara is 14. They live in Västerås, Sweden.
We went to Paris with them today. First, we went to Notre-Dame. The line for the clock tower was huge, so instead we went inside the cathedral, which takes no time at all. Then we went to the edge of the Cité island. I noticed that the island is really thin. There is a bridge with a strange name. It is called Pont Neuf. Pont Neuf means "New bridge" and it is one of the oldest bridges in Paris! It was not far away from Palais Garnier, the most known opera in Paris which is not far from the Tuileries park which was our next destination. The King of France had a orange tree green house which was made into a museum. When Claude Monet got older, he got this crazy idea. He would paint pictures as big as walls! There are two round rooms with the paintings. He made 8 of them.

On the way we passed through a flower market.

Here are some of Monet's big paintings. Enjoy! 

These are some models of the orangerie museum from different times.

Here are some Renoir paintings. Enjoy!

Arvid, Jonas, Me and Sara.

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